Coaching: The BASICS


As you know, Beachbody is a highly reputable company w/products featured on news media, magazines, talk shows, used by celeb’s, etc. So feel rest-assured you’re partnering with the best of the best. The first and the 3rd bullet points are the two ways you make money in this. Definitely building a team and supporting them is far more lucrative over time than sales; that’s why you don’t need to feel pressured to make sales or excel in sales.

•25% commissions on any sales from your site whether you’ve ever bought or sold anything or not; you’ll get training on how to continually build your network and connect with people who want/need help.

•No pressure to make sales or increase to a rank.. if you WANT to work it great, if not or not right now, that’s cool too… enjoy the discounts!

•Team Cycle Bonus, paid weekly, if you decide to build a team. Fit Couture has a full new coach training program that you’ll be plugged into and you can plus YOUR new coaches into that same group until you are comfortable developing your own!

•25% discounts on all products and programs!

•Coaches get first access to all new products and programs!

•Lots of social media and business training from Top Coaches, weekly. You’re taught how to post content that’s NOT annoying, not sales-y, not pushy, etc 😉 Trainings, webinars, conference calls, etc are of course free and they’re recorded since we’re all busy and I know not everyone get on calls/trainings LIVE.

•No matter what Fit Couture coach you sign up with I’m still here as your mentor, so any questions/struggles you have, I’m here to help you get started and I’m here to equip you on an ongoing basis  You’ll have access to me for support and can email/message me as needed.

•No stocking of product or shipping products needed.

•No need for home parties (unless you want to, but that’s not necessary!)

•A HUGE support system from other coaches like you on our team, online!

•Start up is just $39.95 or FREE start-up if you buy a challenge pack as you’re enrolling. Either way, you pay $15.95/month as a website fee. Also, Active Military and their spouses join for free!

•Incentive programs to get customers & sales assigned to you!

•You can cancel at any time… no hurt feelings or penalty fees 🙂


When you’re finished, head to the next page: How Do Coaches Sell?

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