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Growing up I wasn’t the smartest kid in school. I struggled my way through Algebra and Geometry and couldn’t grasp the concept of Chemistry to save my life. On paper, there was nothing that “stood out” about me compared to my classmates… But I’ll tell you what I DID have… DREAMS. Big, huge REACH FOR THE STARS kind of dreams. I wanted to BE something special and I wanted to DO something that could IMPACT THE LIVES OF OTHERS. I didn’t know HOW but I knew I WOULD.

After many twists & turns down different paths that left me at dead ends a health + fitness coaching opportunity fell into my lap. I was one of the last people you’d think would have become a wellness coach. When the opportunity presented itself to me I was a mom to a newborn and a toddler, carrying around an extra 50lbs, a gym membership collecting dust in my wallet and not a single clue what “eating clean” meant. BUT… something inside me said DO THIS. Try this… And despite being terrified, I did.

I knew I wanted to stay home with my boys but I also wanted something MORE for myself. I dove into coaching not knowing exactly where it would take me… 4 years later I can tell you it changed my life. I’ve grown this business from a handful of people to 6000+ amazing men & women. I’ve been able to be at every school function, volunteer as room mom, coach basketball and BE PRESENT in my children’s lives. Just like I had DREAMED I could. Were the odds against me when I applied for dozens of jobs and got nowhere? Yes. Could I have given up, settled, squashed my dreams and called it a day? Yes. DID I? NO. Because y’all dreams don’t become reality unless you hustle. And this dream I had for my family, it was too big to be squashed.

So let me ask YOU! Do YOU feel like this? Are you sitting in the same spot I was in 4 years ago? Does your heart tell you there is MORE waiting for you? Do you have big dreams and you just need some guidance on how to make them happen? If yes… let’s chat! Let’s work out a game plan for you and do this! Drop a message into my inbox and I’ll give you all the info! Give it a try, you never know what could happen!

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