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I dread posting these #ThrowbackThursday or #TransformationTuesday or #WeightlossWednesday type posts, guys. There will always be someone that says “you looked better before” “you’re too ____ now” – BUT – I post them because I think it’s important to never compare yourself to someone’s NOW if you’re at the BEGINNING of your journey.

Three years ago that girl on the left was 2.5 months post-partum with my second son. I was 45lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy and I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. Nothing fit right. I was self conscious. I lacked confidence. Bottom line, I DIDN’T LOVE MYSELF. A certain SIZE, a certain WEIGHT – that was NEVER MY GOAL when I started this journey 3.5 years ago, it was to LOVE MYSELF AGAIN.

There is no “one size fits all” in beauty. Not one bit. Beauty is when YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL. Whatever size or shape that may be. I set out on this journey to find mine. And 3.5 years later I’m happier, healthier, more confident and I LOVE MYSELF AGAIN.

A lot of people ask me HOW I did it. Most of you know I’m a Beachbody Coach but what you may not know is I didn’t set out to be one. I was desperate for a solution and tried Shakeology because I saw it working for others. Little did I know then, that would be my saving grace. I was a JUNK FOOD ADDICT, guys. I could crush a box of Oreos, a litre of Coke and a pizza in a night. #LoveMySnacks ?? Shakeology helped me to CURB THOSE CRAVINGS. It helped me to make better nutrition choices and fill my tummy with healthy sweets vs crummy ones. I also dedicated myself to a daily fitness routine. 21 Day Fix and the Portion Fix system was my EVERYTHING. I lost over 25lbs doing multiple rounds of the 21 Day FIX program. And others. I have program ADD and like to hop. BUT, I committed myself to working out every day.

WAS IT EASY? Ummm NO. Not easy. The scale bounced up and down. I felt defeated. I wanted to quit. I wanted to crush a box of donuts and a milkshake many times. BUT. I didn’t. I kept pushing forward. And I share this because YOU CAN TOO. You CAN DO THIS. If you want to chat I’m always here ?? Or drop a message in my inbox. Let me be your cheerleader. ???

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