How do coaches sell?


One of the biggest fears people have about becoming a coach…. And that is the {pushy salesman} mentality! None of us want to think we’ll become that person spamming our friends news feeds with Beachbody products and programs and being perceived as pushy or annoying, right? I can completely relate. I had the same feelings.

I’ve never been a good salesperson! In fact, you know those “at home parties” your friends convince you to do? Well, I never was able to even meet my minimums for those! So when I tell you you don’t have to be a good salesperson to make this business work for you – I mean it!
Coaching is about sharing what works for YOU with other people so that they can get healthier too! AND inspiring them through YOUR actions everyday is how you do it!

I made a little video for you guys that I would love for you to check out all about how this business is more about BEING THE PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT and ridding your mind of the PUSHY SALESMAN mentality!


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