How Himalayan Salt Lamps Improve Air Quality

16635806-himalayan-pink-salt-in-wooden-spoonHimalayan salt lamps have become quite popular and I recently invested in one and anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! Because of my sudden interest, friends and family have been asking me what they are used for (apart from making my home and office look pretty) and today I’d like to share with you what I’ve been telling them.

The complementary medicine field is constantly expanding to offer more options and more alternative ways to achieve better health and Himalayan salt lamps have come to the fore with their soothing yellow, orange, apricot and red glow, creating a stir and a new energy in the field.

Apart from generating an ambient light that aids in reducing stress,  increasing focus and increasing relaxation, Himalayan salt lamps have many other diverse benefits. They are used to positively influence mood and mental state, and to shift energy levels, when used in color therapy, as prescribed by Energy Medical professionals and Ayurvedic healers.

Well-known Dr. Mercola is a huge proponent of Himalayan salt lamps for its benefits in cleansing indoor air and providing cleaner indoor air and to provide soothing, aesthetically pleasing light in the home.

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

41HCZ4IRHmL._SY300_There is a highly scientific explanation of how Himalayan Salt Lamps work, but I’ll keep it simple:

When heated, a Himalayan salt lamp attracts humidity by creating an ion buildup to remove moisture from the air. Excessive positive ions are bound with negative ions to neutralize electro-smog in the air and to reduce irritants and allergens.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can therefore improve the health of people living in your home by removing excess humidity, which can lead to mould, which in turn causes allergies and other problems.

Do you use Himalayan Salt Lamps? I’d love to learn more about your experience, so please share in comments below.

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