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13233114_1302671179762679_826505224693570364_nI AM ON A SEARCH.

I want to find the next “IT” girl. The one that has been wanting something BIG for her life she just isn’t sure what exactly that “thing” is yet. I’m looking for a HARDWORKING DREAMER and a self-motivated person with a BIG HEART.
I want to work one-on-one to train YOU into the next 6-figure earning GIRLBOSS.

My job as a fitness coach is SO MUCH MORE than just “selling fitness programs” I sometimes like to think of myself as more of a LIFE COACH than a fitness coach. I LOVE to help people. I get this major satisfaction from helping to make people’s lives better. Maybe it’s in helping them to lose weight, maybe it’s to help boost their self-esteem, maybe it’s teaching them how to eat clean, and maybe it’s providing the tools to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. But whatever it is, the keyword is HELP.

I love to know at the end of the day that my job, that what I do, is making some sort of difference in this world. Do you feel like that too? Is that something YOU might want also?

If you think this job could be for you, if you love social media, if you love fitness, if you love helping people, if you love a role of leadership, if you love belonging to an organization full of people who LOVE YOU, LIFT YOU UP and WANT YOU TO SUCCEED – then yes, this job is for you. And I want to talk to you.

Fill out my app and let me get to know you a little better!

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