Pilates + Yoga = PiYo

10468370_576226822497357_9203235708970554975_nSo, what is PiYo? Piyo is a strength, stretch and flexibility workout promising to deliver the same results as yoga, pilates and interval training combined. It is powerful, dynamic and will make you work at a high intensity to burn calories, torch body fat and shed unwanted pounds in as little as 60 days. It features all of the benefits that you get from Yoga and Pilates, including flexibility and core training, but with an added emphasis on cardio and strength training to really make you sweat. Another unique aspect about PiYo is that you will be doing plenty of strength training and muscle building throughout the 60 day series, but you will not be utilizing a using a single weight. The workouts are short so anyone can do them, regardless of a busy schedule or a house full of kids, and it is easy on the joints. No heavy weights or jumping involved so you do not have to worry about high-impact moves that will be hard on the knees.

In Chalene’s own words, yoga and Pilates influences are just a fraction of what a PiYo workout is. PiYo includes athletic stretching, core training, dynamic cardio exercise and strength training. It truly is a unique type of fitness program that will help transform bodies the way no other program has done before.

Why PiYo?

piyo-1Chalene was inspired to create the PiYo workout because of her own problems with increased flexibility. Throughout her fitness career, Chalene did tons of research and realized the many benefits that increased flexibility and strength can provide the body. She found that increased flexibility and strength can help minimize injuries, increase range of motion in joints throughout the body and help speed up recovery if and when injuries are sustained while practicing sports and/or working out. Chalene tried taking yoga and Pilates but found that it was not right for her. She found it difficult to stay still and did not like that the only time you truly sweat is in a Birkham yoga class where the temperature is over 100 degrees.

That is when she decided to create a program that could help others in her position as well. Those of us that want the flexibility but do not have the patience to make it through an hour long yoga class sitting calm and still. Those of us that feel we need to sweat and end a class drenched in order to truly feel like we got a workout. Through extensive research and observing others as well, Chalene saw the benefits others were reaping from simply using their own body weight to chisel and tone their physiques. Chalene took careful notice of the workouts that Cirque Du Soleil performers did while visiting a gym in the Las Vegas area and noticed none of them used strength training equipment. They did extensive workouts using their own body weight and had incredible gymnast-like bodies. They also had incredible strength and flexibility, both of which are required to perform in nightly shows such as that of Cirque Du Soleil. Seeing this inspired her and she soon got started the program we now know of as PiYo.

PiYo Workouts

Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes)

Define: Lower Body (25 minutes)

 Define: Upper Body (35 minutes) 

Sweat (35 minutes)

 Sculpt (30 minutes)

 Core (30 minutes) 

Strength Intervals (25 minutes) 

Drench (45 minutes) 

Buns (Bonus Workout 25 minutes)

What Can I Expect in PiYo?

349508b7534de716c369149c057fb3efThe PiYO program will help you lose weight, burn fat and tone your body from head to toe. It will help you achieve this without any equipment other than a mat to perform your workouts on. It is ideal for both men and women, young and old, since it is a low impact workout without the extreme, high impact moves that put added stress on joints. It will not bulk you up, but instead help build lean muscle throughout. If you do not have time to get to the gym or attend a group workout class, you can pop in a PiYo workout DVD and get the benefits of both from home. It will restore flexibility and core strength that you may have lost or never had with fluid, low impact moves at a fast pace. Regardless of your age, ability or fitness level, you can do the PiYo workouts and reap the benefits of this unique program. Modifications will help even those with the most limitations be able to complete routines, while also helping novice athlete’s change up their routine.

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