Probiotics for Overall Health and Weight Loss

yogurt-maskell-slide400x500When I say ‘probiotics’, you probably think of yogurt. Naturally, good quality yogurt is good for your health and probiotics it contains have been hailed as a great addition to every diet. I’m sure your doctor has prescribed antibiotics to you before, with a side of yogurt to help fight antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). However, there’s much more to probiotics than that. In fact, apart from fighting infection, boost your immune system, improve women’s health and fight fat.

Experts recommend probiotic foods such as plain unflavored yogurt, miso, pickles, miso, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha tea, kimchi and tempeh.

Here’s what probiotics can do for you:

Aiding Digestive Health:  Your digestive tract is home to more than a thousand different types of bacteria, where they help to break down food and aid in absorbing nutrients. Antibiotics are designed to kill bad bacteria, but they also kill the healthy intestinal flora needed for a well-functioning digestive tract. However, probiotics can help with the effects of antibiotics, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and general digestive management.getty_rf_photo_of_probiotic_supplements

Improving Urinary Health: Research evidence has shown that regular probiotic consumption can help to fight recurring urinary tract infections.

Fighting Allergies:  Research has found a link between women who took probiotics during pregnancy and a 30% reduction in childhood eczema, which is an early sign of allergies.

Improving Women’s Health:  The urinary tract also has to maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in order to prevent yeast infections and vaginitis.   L. acidophilus has been found to be highly effective at preventing infections and managing active infections.  It also helps in preventing vaginal infections during pregnancy.

Boosting Immunity: Healthy bacteria can help stimulate your body’s immune response, thus, eating probiotic foods can help improve your immune system.

Probiotics and Obesity

People struggling with obesity have a different gut bacteria than those of a normal weight. Probiotics can help those who have undergone weight loss surgery, to manage their weight more easily.

A study on postpartum women showed how they lost weight around the waist, thanks to bifidobacterium and  lactobacillus.

When you’re looking for probiotics, make sure to choose healthy, low-calorie types, and you’ll see results.

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