The different “TYPES” of coaches!

13592702_10105078541189591_2000061495030566740_nWhat kind of coach do you want to be?

While we all may sign-up in the same way our goals for our business will vary! You may want to start off as a discount coach, plans to move into PT, with maybe hopes of one day moving into FT. You may want to join as a discount coach because you love Shakeology and want the discount. You may be ready to dive head first into this business and give it your all as a FT coach right off the bat. There is no right or wrong way to coach here! You’re the boss. You make all the decisions! We’re just here to guide you on the path that best fits your goals! This image right here breaks down the different types of coaches. Think about which feels like the best fit for you! When you’re ready to take the leap message me and let’s get you started on your journey!

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