So you may have heard about Beachbody’s new STRENGTH TRAINING program, Hammer & Chisel… Trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese have developed a program masterpiece that will help yo build your ultimate physique in 30 to 40 minutes a day. In addition to their workouts, they center their program on their customizable nutrition system that helps you eat the right proportions with easy to use color-coded containers. Their three phases of body transformation, known as SSP Training (stabilization, strength, and power), will help you build the visually stunning body you’ve been dreaming of.

So what ARE the workouts?

Hammer Plyometric: A jump-training workout that uses your entire body to create force, speed, and power

ISO Speed Hammer: A tempo training workout that uses speed and isometric holds in order to give you strength and grow muscle.

Chisel Balance: A total-body workout that creates stabilization, muscular endurance, and core strength.

ISO Strength Chisel: An intense resistance workout that uses isometric holds and flexibility to increase your strength.

Total Body Hammer: A workout focused on hypertrophy with pyramid-style sets in order to maximize strength and muscle growth.

Max Hammer Strength: This workout starts with a pre-fatigued muscle, and finishes with a maximum lift in order to increase strength, power, and muscular development.

Chisel Endurance: This time-under-tension workout increases muscular endurance and strength.

Chisel Cardio: Increase heart rate, circulation, and burn a ton of calories with this cardiovascular resistance routine.

Hammer Power: Increase speed, reactive strength, and power with this intense powerlifting-inspired workout.

Hammer Conditioning: These compound movements will help you improve stability, coordination, and strength.

Chisel Agility: Improve your coordination and stabilization with this challenging cardio workout. This full-body resistance is centered around creating lean muscle and strength.

What does the MEAL PLAN look like? 

Color-Coded Nutrition!
Customize your eating plan for the body that YOU want; whether you want to be lean and tone, or built with muscle.
Green – Veggies
Purple – Fruits
Red – Protein
Yellow – Carbs
Blue – Healthy Fats
Orange – Seeds & Dressings
Shakeology® Shaker Cup — Beverages

What EQUIPMENT do you need?

Required: You will need Dumbbells, a workout bench or stability ball, a chin-up bar or resistance band with door attachment.
Recommended: It is helpful if you use a yoga mat or Beachbody Core Comfort Mat.

What comes IN THE BOX?

You will receive 12 hardcore resistance-training workouts on 6 DVDs, color-coded proportion containers, and a 60-day Chisel & Hammer calendar.

If you sign up now to get the right tools to start sculpting including a program and nutrition guide, a quick start guide, and a 60-day workout calendar. Receive 3 free bonus gifts including:
10 Min Ab Hammer Workout: Carve definition and strengthen your ab complex.
10 Min Ab Chisel Workout: transform your midsection with this core-crusher workout (without even getting on the floor).
24/7 Online Support: The team of fitness experts and coaches offer you 24/7 support with nutrition tips and personalized fitness advice to help you succeed!

Want ME to be YOUR COACH?

Shoot me a message, make me your coach by clicking HERE or you can order now by clicking HERE!


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