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Making this cozy little balcony my office for the evening. Not too bad, right? A far cry from my Sunday nights a few years ago where I sat in the middle of my apartment with a pit in my stomach dreading Monday morning. Dreading the alarm clock, dreading the subway & bus commute from Harlem into Midtown to work for a boss that loathed me and paid next to nothing…
• • •
Life puts little signs in our life all the time – it’s just up to us to see them and act on them. It took me years to see and act on mine… But then I did. And here I am. You maybe reading this thinking “Ugh yes – I’m 110% dreading tomorrow morning too… How do I get out of this? Is there something else?” Yeah, there is. There always is something else. I have a “something else” opportunity I can share with you. If you want. Will it be the right one? I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot to find out, right?
• • •
I’m a Lifestyle Coach. And this job… Well, it’s been the most rewarding + fulfilling choice I’ve made outside being a wife & mother. Working alongside a team I’ve built that feels more like a family… Helping others to achieve fitness goals they didn’t think possible… Creating my own schedule and making my own rules. This job is a blessing, truly. Does that sound corny? Cliche? Maybe, but that’s ok – cause it’s the truth.
• • •
If you want to know more I’m running a small group tomorrow to give the details. If you want the details shoot me a message and I’ll get you all set up. Life is just too short to do anything else than what makes your heart happy.
• • •
Happy Sunday sweet friends!

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