#WeightLossWednesday – Jenna Buettemeyer!

image2I’ve been wanting to create a weekly feature up here on the blog that shines the spotlight on some incredible people who have had insanely inspiring weight loss success stories. Today, in the very first edition of #WeightLossWednesday I’m able to feature my sweet friend, Jenna Buettemeyer and share her story!

Weight loss is a journey. And like for most of us who have been on a weight loss journey, Jenna’s has felt a tad bit like a roller coaster. But – Jenna kept her focus. Her motivation. Her drive. And not only has lost the weight, it’s been so much more than that – she’s gained confidence, self control, and a new understanding of everything she’s capable of.

Jenna’s weight loss journey began in 2013. At 215 lbs, her weight was higher than it had ever been – even when she was pregnant with her sons. She was working hard nights as an RN, and the tough schedule, draining work, and emotional eating had caught up to her. But when her mother in law, Janet, passed away from ovarian cancer, it was the catalyst Jenna needed to change her life. Janet, who lived a very healthy lifestyle, blogged about her experience with cancer which prompted Jenna to really dive into the blogging world herself and share her story as she embarked on her own weight loss journey. But after two surgeries and physical therapy, it didn’t come easy. She started small, keeping close track of everything she ate. Then, when she learned about a low impact program called PiYo piyobaaand she got to work.
In 2 short months on PiYo, Jenna lost 20 lbs. She felt amazing, and she shared all about her weight loss on her blog. She completed her first half Marathon, and then another after that.  Being a Beachbody Coach felt like the natural next step and Jenna began coaching as a way to inspire others to achieve their weight loss goals. Finishing PiYo Jenna went on to do Shaun T’s Focus T25 (losing another 5lbs) and Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix program (losing another 13!) Jenna found the key to her weight loss success NUTRITION. She realized that when she had that under control, everything else seemed a tad bit easier!

But as it always does, life got in the way. Jenna suffered a miscarriage in spring 2016. In her grief, she returned to her old habits. Emotional eating took control, and she felt horrible about her body again. She knew she needed to do something different. She needed to regain control. She needed to dig deep and be strong. AND SHE DID. She began the Ultimate Reset, and lost 15 lbs and 25 inches! image3By dialing in her eating and challenging her body every day, she has lost weight, gained muscle, and found her purpose again.


Jenna is a true example of inspiration in the face of adversity, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Thank you for sharing your story, sweet friend!


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