What is Coaching?

WHAT coaching is all about? A lot of us had different starts to our coaching journeys, but at the end of the day, we need to know how to break down the deets on what coaching is all about. Here is a quick video from me talking about the different ways you can be a coach and how it can be the right fit for anyone :-)


  • 25% commission on all sales, and 25% discount on all personal purchases
  • The option to build a team, and earn more through “team cycle bonus”
  • Free corporate leads once you are an Emerald coach and above
  • Free coach leads once you are Diamond and above
  • Opportunity to attend AMAZING trips, and even earn them for free
  • Earning bonuses through the “star diamond bonus program”
  • Recognition / Awards / Prizes
  • $40 signup fee to become a coach (which can be waived with the purchase of a challenge pack)
  • SUPER low $15 monthly fee, which covers all 3 of your retail websites, and 1 coach online office.
  • Support and training from your Team Fit Couture upline
  • Being a coach makes you even more AWESOME
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