Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast, and How to Stop Doing It

breakfast_healthyOne of the worst things you can do to your body, is to skip breakfast. If you feel tired in the day, or lack focus at work, it is probably because you skipped breakfast. 

Your body needs proper nutrition to help it function throughout the day and your blood sugar levels go up and down with activity and when you eat. When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar levels will be low and you will feel tired, aggressive, anxious, irritated and you will lack concentration. 

It’s about more than just how we feel too. Skipping breakfast impacts on many other areas of your life and those of the people around you. It wouldn’t be fair to snap at the family, and just imagine what would happen if you snapped at your boss…

Effects of Skipping Breakfast on Your Body

Apart from the emotional aspect of skipping breakfast, there’s a physiological effect. You carry the effects of skipping breakfast with you throughout the day, and it even spills over to the next day and the next. Just look at what happens to your body when you skip breakfast:

  • Your blood sugar levels drop
  • You’re hungry and can’t concentrate
  • You binge on something unhealthy later on
  • It makes it harder to maintain a healthy weight
  • It lowers cognition
  • It puts you in a bad mood
  • You experience physical symptoms such as rapid heart rate, headaches, weakness and dizziness.

According to Livestrong, a 2010 survey showed that female college students who regularly skipped breakfast, had more menstrual irregularities. 

Easy Way to Avoid Skipping Breakfast

banner_735x280_shakeologyI know that it can be hard to prepare a nutritious breakfast when you lead a busy lifestyle. If it weren’t for Shakeology, I would never have time to eat – that’s how busy it is to be a momma to little kids. However, Shakeology is packed with nutrition and it can be prepared in seconds. 

Read more about Shakeology HERE and if you have questions shoot me a message so we can chat more! See, there’s no more excuse to skip breakfast and give your body the nutrients it needs on a regular basis. 😉 

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