21 Day Fix Vs 21 Day Fix Extreme: What’s the difference?


21 Day Fix Vs 21 Day Fix Extreme: What’s the difference?

Beachbody is all a buzz concerning their most recent real-time programs 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. But what’s the distinction and which one should you do? I’ve obtained all the information to aid you to decide between 21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Fix Extreme PLUS exercising weight trackers!

What do the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme share?

A lot of people think that these programs are similar as a result of these points that they have in common, yet don’t let that fool you. The exercises are developed, as discussed above, for completely various levels of physical capacity.

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  • 21 Day Fix Trainer– 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme both feature star fitness instructor Autumn Calabrese.
  • 21 Day Fix Duration– the 21 Day Fix and also the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts are all 30 minutes in duration.
  • 21 Day Fix Program Length– the 21 Day Fix, as well as the 21 Day, Fix Extreme programs are both 3 weeks long without rest days (there is a yoga exercise/ “energetic recuperation” day in each program).
  • 21 Day Fix Portion Control Plan– BOTH the 21 Day Fix, as well as the 21 Day Fix Extreme, make use of the 7-container part control system that is the keystone of these programs. They also BOTH consist of a shaker cup AND a dish plan. HOWEVER, the Fix Extreme strategy is stricter! Extra detail on that later on.

How do the 21 Day Fix is different from the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

  • 21 Day Fix Move Duration– 21 Day Fix steps are usually concerning a minute long with 15 2nd breaks. The 21 Day fix extreme relocations are much faster with shorter breaks.
  • 21 Day Fix Weights– the 21 Day Fix uses some light weights, whereas the 21 Day Fix Extreme utilizes weights nearly every day.
  • 21 Day Fix Cheats and Wine– the 21 Day Fix meal plan offers you some allowances for cheats like chocolate or a glass of wine. The 21 Day Fix Extreme strategy is much STRICTER, with NO cheats for three weeks. Also, there is an even more tough, “Countdown to Competition” plan that bumps up the strength of the meal strategy an additional notch and also is designed to get you ready for a real (yes, a real one) physical fitness competitors!
  • 21 Day Fix Weight Loss– The 21 Day Fix markets that you can shed UP TO 15 extra pounds in 21 days. I discover this to be typically precise– most of the individuals in our difficulty groups lose anywhere from 10– 15 pounds, typically around 12, and after that MAINTAIN it after the 21 days more than. In my experience, the 21 Day Fix Extreme does not obtain you to lose MORE weight, however, it will obtain you past that plateau or hump. So if you do a few rounds of 21 Day Fix as well as are close to your objective weight, however not QUITE there– the 21 days Fix Extreme can break that plateau and also obtain you to your outcomes that you are looking for.

Meal Plan – 21 Day Fix

Since it is tough to imagine what would go into a dish prepare for the 21 Day Fix, I create some examples of what would certainly go in the advised 1,200 to 1,399 daily diet regimen, containing:

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3 GREEN vegetable containers
2 PURPLE fruit containers
4 RED healthy protein containers
2 YELLOW carb container
1 BLUE nuts/ milk container
1 ORANGE seeds/ fats container
2 servings of oil

Every day, you would have 5 meals, and a normal menu for the week would look as adheres to–.

Meal 1 Monday– Friday: Shakeology with icy berries.

Meal 1 on weekend breaks could be clambered eggs, oatmeal and also banana, or fried eggs, entire wheat pancakes, and an apple.

Meal 2: Greek Yogurt.

Meal 3: Mixed green salad with cucumbers, peppers, and also either barbequed poultry or sliced up leading round steak, or pork tenderloin. On weekend breaks, have a turkey bust, avocado, and also entire wheat wrap with your salad.

Meal 4: Choose any among banana, pineapple, apple, orange, pear, or cherries with blended nuts.

Meal 5: For your main meal, delight in one of the following–.

  • veg mix fry with sliced up top round steak as well as brown or wild rice.
  • sauteed kale with pork tenderloin and also corn on the cob.
  • steamed veg with a turkey bust as well as wonderful potato.
  • asparagus, lean burger on entire wheat bread and cheddar cheese.
  • steamed veggies with smoked salmon.


21 Day Fix is a workout and nutrition program developed by star physical fitness trainer, Autumn Calabrese


The program consists of 30 main exercises focusing on weight training, pilates, cardio, and also yoga exercise. In the original 21 Day Fix program there are 7 various workouts that you duplicate for 3 weeks. Now through Beachbody On Demand 21 Day Fix, Real-Time is 21 special workouts PLUS a bonus abdominal muscle workout. I love the live workouts. Fall proceeds the relocations every week to help you get even a lot more out of each exercise. And you do not obtain burnt out.

I highly recommend tracking your weights to stay on par with your progression from week to week. A 21 Day Fix Real-Time Weight Tracker is readily available in my free source collection.


The nourishment plan is based upon the Ultimate Portion Fix eating plan which was originally developed for 21 Day Fix. It utilizes shade-coded part control containers to aid you to get the proper equilibrium of macros to fuel your body. I have a hard time to dish plan making use of the containers. Using a meal plan theme is practical.


21 Day Fix Extreme is a workout and nutrition program created by celebrity physical fitness trainer, Autumn Calabrese, focused on obtaining more competition-like shredded outcomes.

THE WORKOUTS – 21 Day Fix Extreme

  • The program contains 30-minute workouts focusing on weightlifting, pilates, cardio, and yoga. The workouts in 21 Day Fix Extreme include more substance activities. So instead of functioning one muscle team each time you are working for several muscle groups.
  • In the original 21 Day Fix Extreme program there are 7 different exercises that you duplicate for 3 weeks, PLUS perk exercises for doubling up on particular days. 21 Day Fix Extreme Real-Time consists of 21 distinct exercises PLUS an incentive ab workout.
  • A weight tracker is readily available for 21 Day Fix Extreme in my free source collection. Tracking your weights will certainly help you push on your own as well as get back at better results.

THE MEAL PLAN – 21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme gives you the alternative of following the regular Ultimate Portion Fix eating strategy or Carb Cycling with the Countdown to Competition consuming strategy. The Countdown to Competition plan is 2 days of carbohydrate deficiency complied with by one day of routine consumption.

Carbohydrate biking is made to aid you momentarily shed weight swiftly in a healthy and balanced fashion. Going down the added water weight as well as fat covering your muscles gives you that shredded appearance. Once again, utilizing a dish plan layout makes preparing your meals as well as following the plan much easier.

So– should I select the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

  • Honestly, essentially, it truly simply boils down to a straightforward question– what is your existing degree of physical fitness? If you are a brand-new or intermediate, after that the initial 21 Day Fix is your best choice. And also most of the people I bring into the program are using the initial 21 Day Fix.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is excellent if you.

  • a) already are in GOOD to DECENT form OR.
  • b) Have finished a round or two of the 21 Day Fix and are seeking to tip it approximately the next degree.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is ALWAYS challenging for me, also when I am doing other intense programs. I enjoy falling back on it when I need to return on the right track as well as lock in my part control.


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