5-Minute Workouts To Start Your Day!


5-Minute Workouts To Start Your Day!

I know for many of us it’s a constant struggle between wanting to get into or stay in better shape, and just not having enough time to do so. I’ve put together a list of a few short 5-minute workouts that you can do to start your day out right. No matter how busy you are, there’s always enough time to spend 5 minutes focusing on yourself.

5-Minute Plank Workout:

Work your abs, chest, butt, back, and overall core in only 5 minutes with this intense timesaving workout. Your body will thank you for it!

• 1 minute full plank
• 30 seconds elbow plank
• 30 second raised-leg plank on right side
• 30 second raised-leg plank on left side
• 30 second plank on right side
• 30 second plank on left side
• 30 second full plank 1 minute elbow plank

• Yoga mat (optional)

5-Minute Yoga:

Take 5 minutes out of your day to relax and work those muscles with this short and effective 5-minute yoga session.

• 1 minute child pose
• 1 minute downward facing dog
• 1 minute upward facing dog
• 30 second low lunge on your right side
• 30 second low lunge on your left side
• 1 minute lotus pose

• Yoga mat (optional)

5-Minute Arm Workout:

Define your arms and shoulders with this quick and easy 5-minute arm workout. Get ready to bare your arms in swimsuits and tanks!

• 1 minute tricep kickback
• 1 minute slow standing jab
• 1 minute horizontal bicep curl
• 1 minute standing skull crusher

• Dumbbells

5-Minute Thigh Workout

Work on slimming your inner and outer thighs in just 5 minutes. This short workout well help you feel cool and confident showing off your toned legs!

• 30 seconds side squat jumps
• 30 seconds side lunges
• 30 seconds cross jacks
• 1 minute plié Squat With Overhead Extensions
• 30 seconds side step with squat
• 1 minute scissor kicks
• 1 minute bridge with knees together

• Dumbbell
• Yoga mat (optional)

 5-Minute Cardio

Start off your morning with a quick cardio workout to get you ready and energized for the day ahead. Not only will doing this make you look better, but also feel better in the long run.

• 30 seconds push-ups
• 1 minute jumping jacks
• 1 minute downward dog to plank
• 1 minute jumping jacks
• 30 seconds push-ups
• 1 minute jumping lunges

• Yoga mat (optional)

And for some extra ideas to scorch some calories, check these out!

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