How to build lean muscle for women


Gaining muscle is not something that happens overnight. Muscle gain requires an equilibrium between exercise, rest and diet. Muscle hypertrophy takes place when the muscles are put through a training session. Lifting weights stresses your muscles and in turn small tears occur in the muscle fibers. These tears trigger satellite cells, which are responsible for repairing the tears by fusing them once again. This increment in cells leads to increase in the size of muscles.

Acquainting yourself with when to rest, how to feed your muscles and when to lift weights is vital to gaining muscles safely and effectively.

The most basic steps of safe muscle building are:

Warming Up Integrate a warm-up routine prior to lifting weights. This includes jogging, light stretching and walking. Warming-up reduces the risk of injury. You should perform lifting motions if you plan to work your arms without weights to just put your joints through a series of motions.

Begin with Light Weights Commence with lighter weights for single sets. Start with 10 reps a set and emphasize on form. Increase the reps gradually and add extra sets as your muscles get used to the exercises. Lifting should be done until you feel a faint burn in the muscles you are working on.


Eat the Right Kinds of Foods Always eat a balanced and healthy diet which is high in protein.

Rest Allow your muscles to rest. Time is necessary for satellite cells to make repairs. As a rule, never work a muscle group more than three times in a week. It is recommended to allow at the very least, 48 hours between workouts of a particular muscle group.Tags: how to build lean muscle for women


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