Can I Use Shakeology if I Have a Medical Condition?


Can I Use Shakeology if I Have a Medical Condition?

Advice contained in this document is of a general informative nature and should not be substituted for professional medical advice from your qualified doctor or physician, nurse, or pharmacist. I am not a doctor or medical professional, nor are any of our contributors. Myself or anyone connected to the company cannot take responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented in this document. Seek advice from your certified medical professional.

Since posting the blog Pregnant or Breastfeeding:  Can I take Shakeology?, I’ve had so many inquiries from people with dietary or medical concerns who want to use Beachbody and Shakeology products, but were unsure as to whether they could.

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Understanding the reasons behind disease can lead to great understanding as to what is safe and what isn’t. Many diseases stem from nutritional deficiencies or poor dietary habits. Add to that an understanding of what Shakeology does for the body, and you’re half-way to finding out whether it is safe for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common dietary and medical prerequisites:

Can I use Shakeology if….

…I’m vegan?

Yes! Read my post about Vegan Shakeology here.

…I’m lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy?

Yes! Shakeology recently introduced their new and improved Vegan shakes in Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry. Made with oat, pea and rice protein, these shakes are smooth and delicious, but they are also lactose, soy and dairy-free.

…I’m diabetic?

Yes! All the Shakeology shakes provide all the nutrients you need in a single glass, but each shake has a different nutritional profile, which is why it may take some trial and error to find the best one for your needs. Some diabetic clients switch between all the different flavors, but a few prefer the regular Chocolate, which only has 6g fiber, 6g sugar and 18g carbs. Greenberry has an even more diabetic-friendly profile than Chocolate.

Diabetics with insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors will generally take more care with blood sugar spikes, and I’ve seen some of them experience great results in terms of weight loss (as needed) and even improved blood sugar profiles.

In fact, a recent study showed that participants’ blood sugar levels reduced by between 5-19% over a 3 month period.

…I have high cholesterol?

Yes! In the same study, Shakeology managed to reduce participants’ cholesterol by an average of 7%, and a maximum reduction of 50%.

Shakeology is considered safe for general use as a supplement; but if you have a unique, pre-existing medical condition, you should always consult your physician prior to using Shakeology or changing your diet in any way. When you have special requirements, the quality of any supplements you take is crucial, and Shakeology offers superior quality superfoods and natural ingredients that are safe for general use.


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