Circuit training routines for women


Circuit training routines for women

Circuit training is a weight training method used to maximize weight loss! It involves performing varied resistance training exercises in a row with very little rest in between exercises. It is an amazing way to incorporate the maximum amount of exercise within the shortest time possible!

To effectively perform circuit training, follow the tips below:

Tip 1: Cross Train

This means completing various types of exercises. To accomplish this, refrain from repeating the same movements over and over again. The body is good at adapting to the demands and to force it to change, the imposed demands need to change constantly. Cross training keeps the body from plateuing and keeps it responding. Remember to change your daily routine each day you’re exercising. It is acceptable to redo a particular type of exercise more than once; however, it should not be done repeatedly or consecutively.

Tip 2: Interval Train

Interval training is typically a form of cardiovascular training. Interval training is basically defined as adding short bursts of protracted cardio exercise, such as, jumping jacks while circuit training. You should switch between high, medium and low heart rate exercises during a routine. This sort of interval training maximizes the body’s capacity to burn fat even after the completion of exercises!

Tip: 3 Limit Rest
Rest periods allow for the heart rate to slow to almost a resting or resting rate. When the heart rate decelerates to its resting stage, you’re not working at as a productive level when your heart rate lowers. To keep the heart rate up you should perform back to back resistance training exercises. Consecutive exercises need to work out various body parts since muscles eventually fatigue!

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