Can I Take Shakeology While Pregnant or Breastfeeding


Can I Take Shakeology While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

I obtain questions like these typically: “Is it secure to consume Shakeology while expectant?” “Can I consume alcohol Shakeology while breastfeeding?” And it’s something that I have asked my physician regarding during my pregnancy, as well as currently, while nursing.

The short answer is: yes, Shakeology is risk-free to consume while pregnant as well as breastfeeding!

Truthfully, the best means to provide your baby with a far better opportunity at being born strong and also healthy and balanced is by providing yourself the best nourishment. Well, that’s what Shakeology helps to do, best?! So my concern is: just how it could not be good for the baby?

4 Myths About Shakeology During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  1. “It’s loaded with chemicals and also negative active ingredients.”

However “wellness drinks” get a negative associate because so many other items on the market have lots of active ingredients that are terrible for your health. Ingredients that even I would not want to consume, let alone give my infant in utero or post-partum!

When many people become aware of Shakeology they instantly assume “weight reduction,” and also think it would not be something you ‘d want to take in while expectant.
But Shakeology is a full nutrition shake that is jam-packed full of nutrients. 70 non-processed, tidy, necessary nutrients that are commonly difficult to make it through your routine diet! Probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, and so far more.

Most importantly, it has no sweetening agents, chemicals, soy, or other “crap” you typically discover in other drinks.

  1. “I’m not attempting to reduce weight while pregnant.”

As I said above, Shakeology is a complete nutrition shake, it’s intended to be either a dish replacement or snack. Can Shakeology assist you to slim down as well as protect against gaining weight? Yes, but only if that’s objective and also it’s paired yet with a nourishment plan meant to assist you to lose or preserve weight.

Weight loss is NOT the objective while expectant or nursing! Ultimately, the goal is to aid you as well as your baby to obtain the nutrition you need.

When I showed the active ingredients to my nutritional expert, she told me that it had ALL of the vitamins/minerals I would need in a prenatal vitamin (leaving out the extra need for folic acid). Outstanding, best?!!

So, instead of thinking about this as a weight reduction shake or meal replacement shake, consider it as the very best prenatal vitamin on the planet. Seriously.

  1. “There is way too much Vitamin A in Shakeology to be risk-free.”

I have heard this as a typical worry amongst my clients,” Is there too much Vitamin A in Shakeology?” This is a legitimate concern since specific forms of Vitamin A (retinol) is too huge a quantity can cause birth defects and other troubles.

Yet just like fats as well as other vitamins in your diet, there are “excellent” as well as “negative” sorts of Vitamin A.

The Vitamin A discovered in Shakeology comes from beta-carotene as well as natural whole food resources– it’s excellent for you! You don’t need to fret about “overdosing” on Vitamin A when it originates from Shakeology.

Why People Have Differing Opinions?

Dish replacement trembles are generally not recommended for nursing or expectant women, as they require to consume more calories to provide nourishment for both mom and also the baby. The shake is not the problem right here, however rather the attitude. You must not try to drop weight while expectant or breastfeeding,

Pregnant and nursing mommies must eat an extra 500 calories each day, and that’s where Shakeology comes in helpful. Along with your healthy balanced meals, additionally, take Shakeology for the dense nutrition it offers.

By consuming enough of the ideal foods as well as taking Shakeology, you may well drop weight in a healthy and balanced manner.


While I was expectant, I brought my Shakeology to my OB, simply to be safe. During this check out she compared the vitamins as well as nutrients in Shakeology to prenatal vitamins. And also think what?

Shakeology covered mostly all the vital elements as the prenatal vitamins.

The only things that Shakeology didn’t have were DHA and Folic Acid. Pretty amazing, right?!
So through my entire pregnancy, I substituted my prenatal vitamin with:

  • 1 Serving of Shakeology
  • DHA Supplement
  • Folic Acid Supplement


Some people wonder about whether there’s way too much Vitamin A in Shakeology. A valid problem since certain forms of Vitamin A (retinol) is too large a quantity can bring about abnormality. But, similar to fats in your diet, there’s the excellent kind and also the bad kind. The Vitamin A discovered in Shakeology comes from beta-carotene as well as all-natural entire food resources– it’s great for you!

Customer Reviews

” I started drinking it while nursing my son as well as noticed a rise in supply. I am now drinking it while expectant and like it. I can let you recognize how amazing she turns out in several weeks.” Katie Dyer

” The first 2 months of breastfeeding I began to have supply problems … I bought my first bag of Shakeology around 6 weeks after my little was born, and also as soon as I started consuming I had no issues. We did learn he was lactose intolerant, so I switch over to vegan. As well as no concerns as well as for a while when I did pump I have a great stock in the freezer, its been consumed currently, however, we are 1 year solid .” Sarah Sullivan

” I’m 29 weeks expecting as well as have been consuming it daily for the past month and a half and also I am so much more invigorated than I was before I started drinking it! I also have been able to maintain/slow down my weight gain because it aesthetics my yearnings for junk!” Lola Yossi Azari

” I’ve been drinking shakes for over a year currently. I drank it on and off throughout my maternity without any concerns. As well as I just recently started drinking it once more consistently for 3 months while nursing as well as I have had no unfavorable results. I have only seen a rise in my milk supply. With my various other 2 youngsters, I had constantly had a hard time generating sufficient milk as well as would have to supplement with formula. It’s such an alleviation not having to bother with that now!” Katie Raymond

” I had my wisdom tooth drew and also was alcohol consumption 2 trembles a day and also Greek yogurt for over a week. I was super nervous regarding my milk supply getting low because I wasn’t having strong food yet my supply INCREASED from having 2 Shakeology smoothies a day.” Rachelle Lynn

” I began consuming it when I was 5 months pp. It increased my supply as well as recovered the energy that I had shed. I utilized to feel so drained from breastfeeding, I rarely ever before even had the energy to leave the sofa. Now I’m almost 11 months pp and I can stay up to date with my little girl, do intensive cardio workouts and also still not feel drained pipes. I can not go a day without drinking it or I majorly feel the distinction. Oh and TMI but it additionally aided me to become normal which was also such a lifesaver because I had terrible irregular bowel movements from delivering up until I started consuming it consistently.” Bryanna Noelle Newell
” I’m nursing AND expectant and also it’s made a complete difference in my milk supply and power. My supply was going down with pregnancy hormones (which had not been a concern considering that Lucas is virtually 2), yet because drinking it routinely, my supply has certainly increased. Nursing while expectant most definitely drained my energy too, which’s boosted as well. My midwife and also lactation expert were both entirely great with me consuming it.” Candace Musselwhite


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