Runners: Know your Arch


Runners: Know your Arch

Even before you step inside a store, you need to know what type of foot you have. Yeah, it’s a stinky job, but somebody’s gotta look at your feet.

Take a good long look at your feet. Feet, just like people come in all sizes shapes and designs. Is your foot like your uncle Alfred’s with a wide forefoot and flat arch? Or, do you have a sleek high-arched foot like your funny Aunt Rose? A running shoe that fits is very important. For the best fit and the most comfortable running, match your foot type to the shape and components of your running shoes.

The three types of arches

Feet can easily be divided into three categories; low, high and neutral arches. Someone may have called you flat footed in the past, no it doesn’t mean you are slow. Stand up and put weight evenly on both feet. Look at your arches. Does your arch almost touch the floor? Does your foot or ankle roll in? People with low arches tend to have stability issues like over pronation.

Is your arch really high? Can you almost fit a golf ball under your instep? (Don’t do that–golf balls are hard) The high-arched foot usually has the opposite problem. That means your foot rolls to the outside or “supinates.”

If you have neither a low or high arch, then lucky you—you’re somewhere in the middle (you’ve got lucky genes). The neutral foot is the easiest to fit and assuming you have no other structural issues you can run efficiently and comfortably with a lot of shoe designs.

Now you are ready to buy some running show. Go, GO!

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