Shakeology Comparisons – How It Measures Up


Shakeology Comparisons – How It Measures Up

You’ve heard of Shakeology right? You know, that amazing superfood shake that tastes like a decadent cheat meal? Sure there are many different shakes, programs and diets on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for you BUT in this post, we’re going to discuss what you should look for in a product and when you get to the end of the post, having learned how to compare products, you will know why Shakeology truly is the best (and I’m not only saying that because I’m a Beachbody coach). 😉 

But really. Don’t take my word for it. Read more about the ingredients, the process and the science behind Shakeology and compare for yourself.

What to Look for In a Weight Management Product / Program

When it comes to weight management and a healthy lifestyle, it’s not only about calories. You could easily cut back on calories by eating less, but:

●  you need to consume sufficient HEALTHY calories, so blindly cutting back on calories will do more harm than good.

●  if you don’t learn a new, holistic approach to develop a healthy lifestyle, and you stop the diet, you will simply balloon right back to your ‘before’ weight.

Finding a low calorie nutritional supplement that is power­packed is a much better option. When you combine good nutrition with focused workouts, you develop a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, though, getting the nutrition you need from food alone is simply impossible and that’s why you need a decent supplement.

What to Look For In a Nutritional Supplement?

With so many different supplements on the market, you would think you could simply grab the cheapest one off the shelves and keep going, but that is not the case.

Here are some of the things you need to look at when you zone into a product:

➔ The Ingredients

Before you worry about what it does contain, check what it does NOT contain. Your DON’T list should include:

●  MSG

●  Soy

●  Dyes


●  antibiotics

●  corn syrup

What SHOULD it have? It should have vegan options and be corn­ and gluten ­free, and it s​hould​ contain, as a minimum:

●  Protein

●  Vitamins and Minerals

●  Phytonutrients

●  Antioxidants

●  Digestive Enzymes

●  Probiotics

●  Essential Amino Acids

These ingredients are available in most of the well­-known shakes on the market. Having these basic ingredients is a start, but if you want a shake that packs a lot more punch than the average, look for something that has more natural ingredients. In addition to the minimums above, Shakeology also contains a variety of superfoods:

●  Acerola powder (fruit)

●  Gingko powder (leaf)

●  Schisandra

●  Lycium (Goji) powder (berry)

●  Rose Hips powder (fruit)

●  Blueberry powder (fruit)

●  Citrus bioflavonoids

●  Bilberry powder (fruit)

●  Reishi powder

●  Pomegranate powder (fruit)

●  Maitake powder

●  Camu­Camu powder (fruit)

●  Cordyceps

●  Acerola powder (fruit)

●  Wheat grass

●  Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

●  Holy basil powder (leaf)

●  Kamut grass

●  Green tea decaffeinated extract

●  Barley grass

●  Grape seed extract (seed)

●  Ashwagandha powder

If that’s not enough, it is brimming with healthy bacteria (probiotics):

●  Streptococcus thermophilus

●  Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS­1

●  Lactobacillus casei

●  Lactobacillus acidophilus

●  Lactobacillus bulgaricus

●  Bifidobacterium longum

AND, it contains a special Proprietary Enzyme Blend (135 mg) of:

●  Lactase

●  Cellulase Bromelain

●  Papain Protease

●  Amylase Lipase

The Process

Shakeology is manufactured following strict processes required by the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and this includes:

●  immediate breaking down and cleaning of equipment after every batch production,

●  proper air filtration systems

●  ingredients obtained using Fair Trade

Instead of potent extracts, Shakeology uses whole plants and there’s good reason for this. When food technicians or scientists want a certain active ingredient in a plant, they use a process to distill the desired extracts from the plant to add to their nutritional blend.

Shakeology on the other hand, prefers to use the plant in its natural, whole food form. This process helps to preserve nature by avoiding over­processing. All the ingredients in Shakeology work in harmony to deliver an effective product. Each one of the hundreds of nutritional cofactors and phytochemicals work together in their own unique roles to deliver the best results.

Shakeology Goes a Few Steps Further

In addition to the superior nutrition, Shakeology forms part of the Beachbody program, which contains a range of fitness products and programs, such as the 21 Day Fix and newly ­launched 21 Day Fix Extreme. E​ach program is designed to provide you with the right amount of nutrition, a healthy eating plan, plenty of exercise and the motivation you need to reach your goal weight and stay there. Through the Beachbody system, you can obtain the results you want and continue to build a healthier body!

Shakeology is aimed at people who are serious about good health, not just a quick fix.



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